Here by Daliah

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Air in my lungs feels more like an inconvenience.

I feel devoid of anything that resembles human.

I am that sheet of paper you crumbled in your fist

then spread out wide open;

666 folds.


I keep repeating deep breath as mantra because,

you know how they say someone has the world on their shoulders?

Son, what I carry on my back is a dart board;

my bullseye 666 knives

so deep.


Son, don’t bring your child to such world.

He’s bound suffer.

He’s bound to taste the bitterness of agony on his tongue.

He’s bound to drink it like blood.


Red is the color of those signs of warning telling you to step back.

You have no name, no place nor might.

Therefore, no right.

But that was before prayers became a burden.

There was a time when I had a master;

a puppet without threads.

Daggers digging into my bullseye.

I turned into prayers never unspoken

until my voice became broken.


Son, you’ve heard ‘losing my religion’ and ‘my faith is shaken.

Well, I think I now am an official member of both clubs.

I still believe in demons and magic, but not ‘him’ nor ‘the greater power’.

I also believe in love, and life and living.

Not people under ruins burning in hellfire

nor souls dancing in heavens.

I believe in a personalized kind of afterlife, and some times, none at all.

But for now,

I’d rather dance on earth instead.


I am 666 folds, a sheet of paper;

spit passion in my center and I am it,

leave the traces of your lipstick on me and I am it,

rip me apart after you’ve written all your secrets and I become them.

There was time when I was mere mortal, but now, I will stand for eternity, my child.

I am marvel then unravel.

I am terror and I am the rebirth of a messiah.

I am two ends of the scale only ascending.

I am All Hale the Queen.

Spread me wipe open, fill me in, roll me out.

I am that joint hanging from her rot;

inhaled and exhaled then puffed out into rings of smoke…

to dress the darkness.


I am Here,

I am that place you call home.

I am that Here to 6 women,

6 men,

and 6 sons and daughters;

You, your sisters and brothers.

That black color you see in the night sky is not the moon switching seats with the sun…

It is I.

I am everything and anything.

I grew tiresome, my child.

I am a night owl’s watchful eyes;

And crows in daylight;

I am by your side and away from your sight.

I am Here…

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