Here by Dona

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Your voice is double times amplified.

Distance is blurred.


I thought I needed to dream to experience this feeling again, knowing it was robbed from me before, I can’t help but find this surreal.


“Is this really Here?”, I asked myself,

and I tried all the techniques I taught myself to tell a dream from reality,

but I couldn’t focus enough on the happenings,

I didn’t know how I got here..


I realized I can do anything.

I can fly like those white pigeons roaming outside.

I can reach the highest without being scared ..

I can own these skies.


No fall can ever end on the ground, no, not how it’s supposed to be.

This is not falling, this is reaching high.


I can identify this place, I was here before,

but I didn’t know back then that a place is nothing if the person is not right.


I thought I loved, I knew love,

but I didn’t feel it.


Is this a dream? Or is this here?


The feeling is so real I don’t mind it being a dream.


I don’t mind waking up to nothing again and this spark gone.


I’ve experienced it, and you are still there in my life so I’ll wait,

for ages if that’s what it takes,

because deep inside of us, desiring them well enough;

dreams do come true.

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