Here by Mimi

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I wanted to be poetic so I said your body was a canvas that I couldn’t stop painting.


In truth, your body is a masterpiece sent from God that I promised I would always cherish wholly.


There are butterflies residing in every organ inside me. That’s what you do.


Don’t be so damn beautiful that you break me,



That night, darling, I looked up at the sky and saw your eyes. I don’t understand why, or how, but I am still thankful.


I’m sorry I hurt so many people on my way back to you, and I’m sorry I hurt you too.

I was simply trying, to steer you away from the broken shards inside me.


I wanted to be better for you.


I wish I could be the person that fixes you.


I am merely shades upon shades of broken roads that will never lead me here;


My heaven,


You told me you were breaking and somehow that made me feel more whole.



The only thing you are guilty of, is being so good, and so damn beautiful that I couldn’t help to not fall in love with you.


I am stumbling with my two left feet trying to anchor myself to you.

I know it’s impossible to hold on longer,

but I promise I will always try.


You said “my heart that loves you so much” and I could only think of how I will never be able to respond to that statement quite as much as I want to.


I would drown you in seas of love, darling, but I am both incapable and unwilling.


I held your hand as you said goodbye,

I said I’d never really let you go,

and you told me you hope I’ll never have to.


I was the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and you will always be the Shepard calling me home.

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