Here by Raghad Rijraji

Posted on February 7, 2014 by


Planes we’re not supposed to look out of;
moments we can’t safe-land upon.
This is what I have narrowed down my thoughts to:
Arriving to here
took countless hours
of learning how to sneak
around peripherals.
                                                                   Now I have plenty of forgiveness
                                                       and no one to give it to.
I used to slip into that curve in the road
going backwards to
demand grand gestures from a
universe that could only speak Detail,
and I’m covered in white feathers
from the doves I’ve killed
to write poetry about.
          I have outgrown the berry tree
in my old home,
the caterpillars
are metamorphosing
and all I am
                is buzzing
                                with patience.
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