Here by Rania Ghazal

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Come here, my arms will always be waiting to cradle you when you come to me with bruised knees and broken bones from falling

I will hold you until your cracks heal

When you’re wearing your skin inside out like a worn out sweater

I will dress you back properly

I will pick your flaws like roses and water you until you can stand on your feet again

You tell me you’ve held onto people too tight, they cracked under your grip

The blood stains on your palms are from the ones  you’ve smothered

The one’s you’ve given and given and gotten nothing from

The ones you peeled like a pomegranate, just to find, and failed

The ones that left you with the mess of juice dripping down your arms

Nothing more.

Baby, I’ll whisper into your ear

“I love you unconditionally”

Here sounds like home

And my door will always be open for you

Come here






Come here, I will fill you up with love until you get drunk

I will kiss you until you forget to use your tongue for anything else

I will love you slowly, gently, without haste

Without hesitation or fear or doubt

You will forget the days you spent laying on your bed in the morning

Thinking there is nothing worth getting up for

You will forget the days you felt like a second and third choice

Because baby, I care about you more than I care about myself


I raise my voice when I read the last line

“Shhhh” he puts his finger on my lips. I take his hand and kiss his fingers.

I feel tears start sliding down his cheeks. I  kiss his eyes. his nose.

“Let me continue” I whisper

I know you’ve spent eighteen years pretending to feel alive

When all you want to do is see the world

With open eyes

Go forward and choke

On cities and accents and libraries

On people with hunched backs and tired limbs and rosewater skin

With mouths smeared red and ruins inside eyes and pockets full of regrets

Take my hand. I’ll go with you.

I will love you with a fire that burns cities

I will free fall into the depth of you

Unravel before you

Write for you

Read for you

Baby, I’ve seen the best and worst sides of you

And I pick both

I promise you

You will belong here.

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