Ash by Cherry

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A Phoenix burns itself and arises from its own ashes, more gracefully than it has been; much more majestically than it could ever be.


Our lives and souls are burned and boiled, if not sometimes tortured, by what could easily be titled as an emotional regiment that is frankly was “self entitled”.

A regiment that is loyal to its own duty, extremely enough to confine your own spirit clipping its wings in a cage so small, it can only fit a molecule of a washed up has been soul.


Life has never been easy. It is a fact that can never take any form of negotiations, centuries ago, if not more.

A phoenix is nothing like a small helpless bird, although, a bird could always amaze you, can have the power to break any chains, hence it makes it less of an inferior to its larger fellow species. However, if a bird -let us say a hummingbird- was burned and boiled and was turned to ashes, will it arise as gracefully as a phoenix? This is highly doubtful.

For a person with high expectations, a person who accepts no limitations. A woman who has been and is being inspired by a mythological creature. I refuse to be an emotionally obedient bird, and I aspire for a status of a Phoenix.


Till my body is wrapped six feet under I refuse to abide and surrender. I shall never have my soul burned, I shall never accept defeat. My soul is that of a Phoenix, that will arise from ashes even if my flesh and bones are back to dust.


“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

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