Ash by Laila Wael

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Now we are back to where we were. Every road between us is on fire. we are where we used to be; but now the lights are on. The words are flames and your body aches.

I see you move.

I see you try.

I see the shadows smirk behind you. You came with every memory lingering on your skin. How you killed me then, how you are hurting now.

Your words fail to reach me. Your heart falls to flames, did you tremble when you see me?

Every atom of air is nor burning. We are no longer humans on this universe. If every higher force is gathered by your side, to frighten me; then I- by the laws of gravity turn everything upside down.

I dare you to near an inch closer to me.  Dare you to crumble back to the one you should have been and beg me. This is gravity working against you.

Yours confident steps towards me, turn you slowly into ashes. your voice evaporates into the mist of the heat. I am standing on the edge of your desire.

So you burn.

I let you burn.

my need to apologize had faded years ago. So you burn.

You burn, slowly.

You burn, sweetly.

You burn , with a rhythm of a continuous sway.

You burn; and I let you.

You turn into ash, to dust, to small little atoms that fills the burning air.

You rush through me, through my lungs. You melt down my core. You wear me off with your flames.

you kill me.

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