Ash by Meera

Posted on March 8, 2014 by


Hiding isn’t the solution
one day you will have to appear
Faking who you are will never last
one day you will surly collapse

The way you hit the blunt
when you inhale the smoke
and tilt your head back with close eyelids
You Make me want to grab onto your face, lean on your lips and steal those forbidden flames you pop

Making it take over your mind
Is killing the true feelings you have

Those rainbows and butterflies you assume you feel with every breath you take
Feels like a knife stabbed in the heart of your beloveds

Such a small thing playing with
Your nervous making you think
You are in the right place
But dear, you are in the place you never want to see your son in

you asked for a hand to pull you out
for a heart that will fill you up with love
for stories that will make you sleep
for a persons lips to replace those addictive sips

Dear, you should know I am always here
To make those ashes disappear

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