Ash by Mimi

Posted on March 8, 2014 by


I know people have loved you, simply by listening to me talk about you.

The way I call your body: Home.


You are the sun creeping through

my cloudy heart,

but darling,

there will always be rain inside of me.


I’ve donenothing more than write novels about you,

about how your hands

fill mine

with joy.


and I don’tknow how I brought fires into the heavens

but pleasedon’t let this house burn down to ash.


In our fairytale,

the princess fell in love with the dragon.

The lion,for the lamb.


You’re sickof the apologies, I’m sorry I set fire to the walls, I thought I was bringing warmth into our endless winter.


My darling,I have never tried to write about being whole, because it feels like I have always been broken.

So mend me, instead of thinkingyou’re allowed to take yourself away from me.

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