GUEST PIECE: Ash by Ahmed Al Majid

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Autumn is the sound of leaves changing colors.

Autumn is the scent of a good kiss.

Autumn is the sight of magnificent golden forests.

You were always mesmerized by the phenomenon of autumn foliage. It is a

peculiar thing, isn’t it? It is, perhaps, the most beautiful natural death that

there is; at the end of their lives, leaves turn into this magnificent golden

yellow, looking their absolute best mere moments before they fall. When

they fall, they gracefully dance with the winds, weaving through the skies

until they reach their final resting place. You always said that it was the

perfect way to die. You always said that you wished if you could die like a

leaf did.

Autumn is the sound of your last goodbyes.

Autumn is the scent of your frail skin.

Autumn is the sight of your ashes weaving gracefully through the golden


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