Rib by Aseel

Posted on April 19, 2014 by


You left with the crushed pieces of my ribs
In the palm of your hand.
As you forgot your heart, leaving it next to mine.

We both were lost in the midst of a cohabited forest with rotted trees that thrived on loneliness.

One of us is fighting pain in their guts. The other one became a heartless man.

We were both victims, of what we once agreed upon. That we will always remain, each other’s cursed bliss.

As time passes by, as my guts grow stronger.
Marking the recreation of those shattered ribs,

Making them stronger than they have ever been.

Allowing them to protectively cage this heart of mine.

I lose the pain I had to endure, replacing it with gratitude for moments well spent.

For feelings that did not go in vain.

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