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I’ve come to a realization that falling in love is the only thing would bring life to this city. Or life to this life. I don’t know if it’s Ed Sheeran’s voice, or did a cupid that lost its way between cities just figure out a

remedy to this plainness?



I’m pretty sure it’s not normal.
It’s like a page ripped out of a book and is stapled into another






This doesn’t happen here, not in this life; not in this city.
I don’t know if it’s angelic, or something else. But I know it’s an unearthed story.
Similar to those stories that are like no other stories.
If one told me this kind of love comes only when a human being heart gets in touch with the moon, I would believe him.
Because it makes me want to embrace
Become holly


Your love is so unreal; it makes me feel out of myself. You make me want to become royalty, so I can be able to contain all this unearthness.
You’re not love at first sight, you’re love at first time, you’re love at each sight, you’re love at endless moments where I can’t stop myself, I can step on myself, I would burn how I perceived life, I’m okay with everything changing, because I can see how much better it would be.


This is so real, I can feel it in every cell of my body.
And so unreal, I can’t seem to categorize it, to fathom it, to make sense of it, to fit it inside of my habits.



Take me out of my habits.
Lets create a new city,
Lets build a new me,
A new one that can bear with all the uncertainty of you leaving, because in this one, I’m all in.




I don’t want to be a man,

I want to be a child

I have too many questions

And answers I won’t question

Form my mind
Rub my soul
Let me grow inside of you
Let me dip myself into you
I want to taste my new world
Allow me to cry when you’re away
Call on me to ask how I’m doing
I won’t be doing okay
Allow me not to want another
No other woman can breathe the words out of my tongue Can kiss me bedtime stories
Can burn me to ashes each night
And recreate me tomorrow’s morning



No other woman has taught me that grudges will never be held again,

That ease is the core of everything
That this organ inside my ribs, is no less than an almighty emotion,

it’s the fingerprint of god; it’s what moves when you’re in love, when you’ve unearthed.




I find peace in you.
No wonder you remind of all the beautiful things.
You’re not on in a million
You’re one in a world
Once in lifetimes.
People pray five times and I pray to god to bless the day I became worthy of you.
What did I do to deserve you?

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