Rib by Meshael Alblehed

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There are some people whose answer to what they’d do if they could travel through time is to go to the beginning of broken places.

They assume the wind is god’s breath. They are without shadows.

There are some people who can only hear the sound of their anxious breathing. The holy books they read become a fifth wall to the room.

They’d rather suffer for the answer than ask the question, the sun would rise on them still suffering for it. They’d first learn how to sink than to swim.

Shadowless, they stand vacant for years.

You could promise them the sky itself, but they’d be better off with nothing.

People who have all types of homes but can’t really go back to any. People whose ribs can barely hold them up.


And if you’d ever venture to ask them how they deal with everything, they’d tell you they’re waiting for the night to fall on them so they’d be happy to be here.


All the prayers spoken will never be enough to ease their brittle souls, but their hearts can always see the sun in a song because they gave their shadows to the wind.

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