Rib by Mimi

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It’s days like this where I just wake up missing you. There’s an knot in my heart I am trying to untangle, but you have this way of keeping me tied down.

I am over your shackles, lover, but I am still tied up in words you have spoken to me years ago.

I am bound together by letters and poems you can never take back.

(I know you want to.)


I told you I found someone who made me happy, you told me you’ve always been happy but that you always felt like a dark tunnel where souls come to reside.

(These demons never leave you.)


I have been beat up by more than your words, I’ve been slapped by your hands darling and I’ve been bruised. I can live in the black and blue but I refuse to crawl back into the grey.

(I am endless shades of grey.)


Days like this where the holes in my soul are gaping, I tell myself it’s all to bring the sunshine in.

(There is no sunshine yet.)


Patience was never one of my virtues, that is why I broke my ribs trying to steady a heart that can’t stop beating for you. I told you I can’t live like this, so why am I still breathing your letters and exhaling your ashen cigarettes.


(You consume me, like great fires consume cities built of stone.)

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