Rib by Rania Ghazal

Posted on April 19, 2014 by


There are knots on my ribcage

That clench a little harder

Every time I am alone

The only way to unweave them

Is to sleep

My dentist told me that the upper row and lower row of teeth bend until they make contact with each other

Forming any sort of bite

Plants arc themselves towards the sun

No matter it’s direction

And my hands unconsciously try to hold onto anyone


There are certain wildfires that could never compare

To the desire that burns in me

To be so consumed in someone

To have evidence that they were here

Like cat fur on my shirt

Like glitter on a child after art class

I want to crash into people

Find fragments of them on my shoulder blades

My eyelashes

My knee caps


In my chest cavity, I swear there are manuscripts on how to tell people to stay

But I turn illiterate

The moment they start to leave


I wish I could have conversations at 4 am when I have to be up at 6

Instead of silence I can write a book about

I wish all this loneliness was noise

I could actually learn to hear through

Instead of some never-ending broken record.

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