Light/Yet by Cherry

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He resembled passion and positivity from the day I knew him. His enigmatic innocence, love and desire for life all piled up magnificently, creating the persona that I know. The pride he has in everything, the love he carried on his heart and shoulders. Are things that will forever affect me and those who knew him. I never said I love you, maybe because I never knew that. Or maybe because “love” has always been stained with sexuality. Yes I loved you, or shall I say I love you. And it was in the most platonic way possible. The rays of light he sparked in the corners of my life, the corners I never knew they existed, will always be named after him.

His smile and laugh, his frankness and chivalry will forever be engraved in my mind before they have their slumber in my heart.

I’m sorry, if I ever made you feel as if you are not special.
I’m sorry, for those times I margined your presence, but I assure you, you weren’t.
I’m sorry, for not showing you what I feel.
I’m sorry, for not saying what I believed.
I’m sorry, for not replying to the last text. I’m really sorry, for I hate myself for that.

I love you, we will never have another Salah.

May we meet in heavens above, and may you rest in eternal peace.

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