Light/Yet by Dona

Posted on May 11, 2014 by


And a million things unsaid.
Despite millions of feelings felt, it still does not count
it’s yet to be found

And we are in an era where feelings are vague
And light
They can fly with the wind
With the chances of zero
hopes to capture them.

I thought I have already known how bad it was
To be in love
With someone
You don’t know yet if he loves you
Or not

But like everyone else
I have fallen into the trap
Of feelings
And hopes
That he might feel the same.

And so I cherish the 3 letters word
In hopes of a promise,
That yet is still there to be found,
And yet is still a possibility

I would wait for years.

It could be a total waste.

But yet, we might spend the rest of our lives
Always saying yet
And always having times of our lives
Where we can say
it was really worth this wait.

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