Light/Yet by Laila Wael

Posted on May 11, 2014 by


It took me 20 days to figure out the full meaning of the word “Yet”.

If I can turn back time, because words are all I have I am running out of letters, I am running out of love. Sing me a song honey, sing me a song.

I am sorry for not being able to tell you that I miss you. I grew used to the word so much that I don’t feel it anymore. It’s hard to tell you every second that I ache from the metal fist that grasped you out of my ribcage. But look how it formed you and shaped you into a beautiful creature.

Sometimes, I doubt that we are one.

But our skin is the same tone, and our voices collide every time. We are like one person in two bodies, yet, to be reunion.

Yet is the number of seconds between every ‘I miss you’ that you say and my reply. Yet is where I am stuck in a district with no bus stops. It’s hard to talk to you now. My bed seems layers and layers of black nothingness and lonesome. Every time I toss around I drown.

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