Light/Yet by Lyla

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Being molested in an airport is a miserable experience to have.

In this airport, females are closed off from the rest of the area to check for harmful items, and are told to walk through a curtain into an isolated area.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t imagine being molested by someone of the same gender was possible since I pack quite a punch, but the woman carrying out the metal check wasn’t exactly small.

She was huge.

And I’m not sure what happened to the other girls my age, but I pray it wasn’t what happened right after entering.

She had me raise my arms and then proceeded to pat my sides, which was fine, until she put her hands down my back pockets to check for items, which I wasn’t comfortable with.

She then ran the metal detector down my front and demanded I undo the button of my jeans.

That wasn’t part of the protocol.

“I don’t think this is necessary” I replied meekly, and that’s when her face became furious and she hissed “don’t tell me how to do my job!”.

Suffice to say, I was scared shitless.

I undid my button and the check continued until she ran the metal detector down and forced me to take off my shoes. That’s when I voiced my opinion (and when I realized that I couldn’t run away without shoes) and told her that it wasn’t part of the protocol. “This is my job, don’t tell me how to do it” she replied in a murderous tone, and I shut up.

She groped and I was too scared to do anything; my abaya was open, my button undone, my shoes off. Where could I go?

It went on and I was at the end of my rope when her hand dug under the front of my bra roughly, making it come undone. Fuck the abaya, to hell with my shoes, I screamed and ran. I don’t believe she expected that from me, so she didn’t catch up.

My father was waiting on the other side of the airport, and that’s where I ran to, my state of undress be damned. Sobbing and trying to put my undergarment back on, I reached him and didn’t have the nerve to tell him what had happened.

I still don’t.

Because it must have been my fault. Why else would she take advantage of me? I should have screamed and hit her no matter what her reaction may have been. I could have ended up raped, beaten, whatever— as long as I had my dignity intact.

That’s why I’ve promised myself that next time this happens, I will fight tooth and limb to take the right course of action.

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