Light/Yet by Mimi

Posted on May 11, 2014 by


I am not happy with where my feet have led me.

I am not proud.


I’ve climbed great walls,



and leave you behind..


i. I am still here.


I’ve outrun fires,


and heartbreak


ii. I am still/forever yours.


I have found solace in another’s arms,

I am content.

I am serene.

I am trying to be whole.


iii. I am still not mine to give.


Darling I am trying to find sea,

in the middle

of this desert


iv. Yet we keep building cities that drown.


Novels are spilling out my palms,

I am overridden with thoughts of you.


v. Everything these tired hands are capable of writing,

would not do you justice…


You are that lonely ray of light that


to creep through

my blackened curtains.



vi. But there is still dust resting on my shoulders..

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