Light/Yet by Nora

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They always holy the power of man from gods to kings to superheroes, but I only holy the power of you.


I since the day I was born I learned to shed tears for needs and desires, you made me shed tears for needs and desires. I now shed tears for you.


I six months later began to utter more meaningful sounds, I begun to build up my own dictionary and you easily rip it off page by page when my lips are in your presence.


I learned to verbalize feelings of hunger, anger, and fear and you made me feel what can only be felt.


Life has been trying to teach me how to let go of my unresolved feelings, my untruthful friends, and my irrelevant fears and you taught me to hold on with every emotion you make me feel, every person you are to me, and to let go of my only fear: losing you.


Since I was born until this day everyone around me is teaching me how to hate as if hatred was the new love. I am expected to hate people for they are different, because of their skin color, their beliefs, their physical appearance, their interests, or simply their sexual orientation. You taught me how to love simply, purely, and deeply. How to love the mere existence of you in my life, how to love the smile on your face no matter what shade of white it is, how to love the things you admire, how to love life, how you became my life.


I thought that people can be strong and some are strong enough to survive on their own, I was wrong. You guessed right, you proved to me that no matter how strong I am, I am stronger with you, and I am weakest without your arms holding my back.


I was programmed into believing a lot of things and unfortunately I had to think that love was a sin. You made me realize that it is okay to sin because love sends you to heaven anyway.


And now I think that I love you to an extent where cannot be more, to an extent where the universe would start to sore, but I know that you are going to make me realize that the love I will have for you then would make my love for you now seem like a tiny bit in the nano-scale.

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