No by Cherry

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One word, was what she needed, to mark the end of her. The end of what she worked hard to obtain, peace of mind and content.
That minute, that particular second she laid on her side, rejecting everything she was forced to take in, while simultaneously having her throat gather the ever-growing lump.
Marked eternal rebellion on sadness.

Rebellion on the depression creeping inside her soul.
Rebellion on what she hates, on them and how they live.
Rebellion on that monster living right in the corner of her heart, the one who leached off her misery, sucking what’s left of her.

Rebellion on her weakest cell, that sought happiness through unfair compromises.
But her body kept rejecting, the antidote is almost gone, it’s now futile and of almost no value.
What would she do? How would she fight? Is what she once had enough? The leftover courage? She started feeling petty for herself. She’s no longer what she is known for. And it all began, with a simple “No”.

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