No by Dona

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I had to go further through life to realise this;

I’d run from you to you,

till I realize that all I want is you,

but I can never have you.

You’re the painful pleasure I’d like to

always feel,

that itch

that never leaves,

the scar that reminds me

how I’ve lived.

No matter how faraway I look,

I still see your face amongst strangers.

I can’t seem to shake your heart,

that constant beating that have owned me for so long.

Your touch, it still haunts me

whenever anybody gets near.

Now it doesn’t matter, because

this love will drift.

It’ll stay but will drift,

to an exile.

Waiting for everything

to fall off for me,

Waiting to save me when I’ve forgotten all about it

Waiting to haunt me when I’m all alone.

Waiting to tell me I suck; I’ll never have you.

So no, I haven’t forgotten about you,

It still feels like yesterday,

but right now if you’d come back

I’ll be telling you “No”,

the 2-letter word I have never

dared mouth out to you;


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