No by Khawla

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A scene of a girl sitting in the front seat of a blue old car. placed in the right side of a highway. It was 6 in the morning and doors being all wide open, a chill breeze was able to sneak into the car and travel through the shiny wisps of her hair, creating blissful waves. He reached towards and smoothly snuggled himself to where her feet were placed.


Both were gazing at the horizon silently, a heart soothing silence that gave away everything one felt and thought about the other, it was relievingly revealing.


A feeling that is very deep and powerful could not be expressed in any other way. Silence is best where their souls connected without the disturbance of the body.


“If there ever was a meaning of love, it’s a meaning I can’t capture… yet I can feel it a light going unto my soul. It’s not a desire, nor a need, but a state of the mind and the soul we reach when we meet someone who is similar to us. More like two mirrors placed in-front of each other…”


He interrupts : “Like two friends walking a journey in the same path…”


“I’m afraid of love as I don’t know what it is, but friendship I do understand… I would love to love you. Yet I love you too much to risk losing you for love. What am I saying, I don’t understand… maybe you will.”


“Why the need to label things? Name everything and redress our feelings? What happens with a soul is its matter, not the mind’s to analyse.

Let it be,darling just let it be.”


She leans backwards and smiles. “I’m standing against a huge and numerous wave, sometimes I manage to stand steady, other times I just stumble and fall. But the fall feels like a fall upwards.”

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