Winter by Cherry

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You gave me the sweetest winter, the warmest hours during the coldest days.

Now, two years later, winters are lit with the solitude I carefully wrapped myself in.  It’s actually nice here, I’m warm yet cold.

The breeze comes and goes, while gently breathing into my hazed eyes, during those really long nights.

How odd is it? To be so serene, yet so very lonely.

How odd is it? To still have dreams about you, yet be completely over you.

How odd is it? To smile whenever you cross my mind, yet not crave you in any way.

How odd is it? To wish for a last kiss, a friendly kiss just so I can have a walk down the memory lane, that everyone seems to know, except myself.

How awful is it, to have to go through all this.
Every .
Cold winter?

How awful? I need to know.

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