Winter by D.

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When I came back, my home was nearly ashen.
When homes burn down, humans grab their belongings and flee. To the nearest hide out, the nearest exit. They run, forgetting nights they were warmed beneath that very roof. They grab their shovels in a hurry and bury all that is relevant to the existence of an item not to exist when they leave. Betrayal, I call it. But I, I stand without a flinch in my limbs and seek her warmth in desperation. To abandon your home is to be the coward I am not. I reach for the lighter kept in my back pocket with a stale cigarette clenched between my teeth. I light it, with the reflection of her ash in my pupils. I walk, with steady knees and a slowed heartbeat. I walk, uttering, “When you leave, I leave.” Her smoke smothers the lungs I wear like a worn out sweater but, I will not leave my shelter to fall. When she falls into my arms, I hold her like the floorboards set out to crumble, and I crumble with her. My love, ’till death do us part, or not at all. I am here. Clench onto me. Here are my arms, weary but yours. My palms reach to touch her face sweating tears my trembling fingers are set to swipe, like desperate windshield wipers rushing to comfort a saddened front window of a vehicle all alone. My dear, there is something gorgeous in the way you itch to feel tragedy. I walk in closer. I want my skin sewed to your own. I want you, with all of me. Here’s my scented shirt, babe. Wear it like you wear my skin on nights lonesomeness eats me raw. Allow me to adjust your hair into the messy bun that suits you, ever so elegantly. Look at me, baby, I am here. I am right here, and I will not leave you. Come here, let me hold you like the tremble in your bones. It is cold outside, but she is warmth to my flesh and though her curves haven’t yet melted, I would rather freeze in her arms than be touched by another.

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