Winter by Meera

Posted on November 22, 2014 by


Maybe promises are useless now.

How many promises I gave myself and never stuck to?


For the sake of others over mine.

Those promises that may never actually mater by time.

How many times I promised myself to put myself first,

to love myself the most, to care about my life and my needs first?

Yet, mostly I came second.

Not because I don’t matter to myself, it’s because I always

Prioritized myself second.

Maybe someone’d love being prioritized as number one

always pushed me to being second.

Maybe love matters to me.

Maybe I love way too hard to break my promises

each and every time. Is it the person or the need?


I do believe that love is like falling into seasons,

the heat of summer,

the gloominess of winter,


and the coziness of fall.

You not loving all of the situation and conditions

facing many ups and downs,

yet, I also believe you should feel beautiful in all of them.

Breaking promises mostly is about the person you are breaking

it for some are worth it, and some will be a lesson you’ll thank them for.

I’m breaking my promises for you

for to enjoy spring I need to risk winter

and here I am risking it for you.

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