Winter by Nora

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We were lost souls colliding.

We were lost souls that have found what we were too busy to search for.

Under the night’s sky we were souls colliding nostalgic for one another, but have just met.

Our hearts synced, our hearts were beating in harmony.

I recognized the loneliness in their eyes.

It was within me too.

We were together intertwined and inseparable, but we have just met.

That night was ours.

It was timed and timeless.

It was an early winter’s night.

My skin was beating against yours.

I rested my head across your stomach and held your hand against my chest.

I could hear the faint steady beat of your heart.

The melody of it calmed me down.

That night was ours.

It was written in the perfectly aligned stars above us.

For once I was not afraid.

For once I did not fill my mind with expectations that could not be met.

For once I spoke my own words without manipulation.

It has passed.


That night has passed and others will never understand.

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