Winter by Raghad

Posted on November 22, 2014 by


Sunrise of every night

a fulfilling light stubborn enough;

reaching into houses behind hills

behind mountains,

running along the surface of the crystal water

of separation

build your sky within me,

talk to me with the heavy eyelid.

I lay on my back to speak to you with open palms.

I have celebrated you in public,

in secret;

it’s pomegranate sweet every time.

You, with your eyes the color of the ocean,

there’s no distance in you

there’s no distance in you


teach me how to love you well.

I’m softer than slumber

with your names dancing on my lips.

My loneliness lost.

My home found.

We know how to heal our hands to carry our hearts better

we know to fill up our lungs with all the seasons

to speak softly or to not speak at all.

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