I/We by Dona

Posted on March 3, 2015 by


Will you still find me intriguing when you realize that my mind would mindlessly go around in circles entangled by its own making?

I’m a maze that even I can’t tell the way around; I simply let it guide me.

I often stare down at words, unable to know what to make out of them, I’ve been far too overwhelmed to function at a normal level.

The voices in my head just won’t shush anymore but they’re barely audible with all the noise they’re making.

So let these words be about me at last, let the experiences and emotions I carry – gripping at my sanity – show up on paper and let it be known; that the parts of myself are a sum of all that I have allowed myself to go through and this silence in my head is of my own.

This silence I articulate is the terminus of a hundred of words’ demise.

This pain that grips is my noose that I have entangled myself with and finally learned to worship.


I am but pain, blood and heartbeat, my mind is the power that makes up my flesh.

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