I/We by Elham Ghanimah

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I.. never noticed darling that you were so fragile and afraid..
You are conflicted with matters of the heart, while matters of the mind is what really matters.
There is a road that I am always walking.. reminiscent..
Of history of course.. *humph* what else..
Of history,
repeating itself
in that monotonous..
Look.. Misery. engaged in a tete-a-tete with melancholy.
Once upon a time..
Time & time again..
I was there.. So were you..

We were there.. But so was also melancholy…
and it most certainly loved our company..

between you and I
darling i knew what the problem was..
Problem was, in your company everything was tasteless..
I was Bland..
I was undesirable
I was a toy.. And what a new exciting toy was I for that matter
I wondered
I wandered
And after all the wondering
And wandering..
Into a poorly lit landscape.. Or so I thought to my despair..
I glimpsed in the midst of my grim interior; a halo..
A halo of color there somewhere in the distance..
Forward.. I think.
Into the horizon..
Eager to move forward..
Enthusiastic to deliver..
Inspired to motivate..
And non the less 
dedicated enough to swim an ocean..
Arms break, legs so sore you couldn’t even feel them..
was always that keen voice..
Keep moving” it whispered..
Almost there“..

The shapes and forms manipulated into experiences.
the patterns in the ivy.
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