I/We by Shahd

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I promise you, I was never late before but when it came to you, walls of fear blocked my way, misguided me, I was lost in a maze … and when I finally reached the other side, you were gone … So I realised for the first time I was late…

I fell on my knees and cried for days.

Grieving my loss in every moment passing,

Playing my words in a broken tone,

Writing unless poems, wishing to vanish from this world…

Because every breath was poison, burning me inside out,

And every heartbeat was a bullet bleeding my soul to death…

Silence took over and the world was frozen,

Golden rain drops and snowflakes were hanging from the clouds,

Decorating the spaces in between the light blue skies and the dirty ground…

I stopped amazed by the beauty of this greyish universe, not knowing where do I stand.

Somewhere between life and death I am lost,

Between my crowded thoughts; to live or to die!

On a life threatening thread, I cannot decide.

In our weakest moments;

We must look for a reason and cling onto our lives,

Look for a breath of a life…

We must learn how to survive!!

In life; we dance, we laugh, we run, we fall and we crawl but at the end of the day we must be able to stand tall.

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