Water by Aseel

Posted on March 3, 2015 by


As time flies and flows, I remember everything that has ever happened to me and observe it wholeheartedly, while taking into consideration the circumstances behind every single event.

Then, I filter my faults and flaws, from theirs, just so I can have a clearer vision. And what should I expect to see? Of course, their leftover mistakes.
And as I’m used to, I will take the blame for their own faults and flaws, and scratch them out from their side of the paper, and scribble them in mine. Cause it is a fault and a flaw in me, to give others a chance to do me wrong.
After all, this is what you usually expect from a messy perfectionist.

And every year, during this time, I redo it over and over again. Filtering my whole year, in hopes of having a clearer vision for the coming year, a vision as clear as the waters of a river.

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