Water by Dona

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There’s a secret river flowing in you, my love. I can swear I’ve seen the fluidity of your lips, eyes, voice and smile. Eyes happily drift away if they ever caught your endless flowing tide.
Allow me, my lady, to dive into your oceans of beauty.
Allow me to explore more, I know there’s yet to see for an earthy person like me.
You’re beautiful, and all you ever produce is art.
Your hands do art
Your lips say art
Your pen writes down poems that orchestrate my heartbeat
Tell me more about art, but let it this time be about you. Let me know about your palms; I have found pearls among your fingertips, and I can’t yet fathom the extent or proportions to the state of mind you put me in.
That night is still going on a loop in my mind.
You said that your palms are too cold, that your body is cold, but I have found warmth in your lips and mouth, and your pulse was pounding steam through my palms.
Darling, you put me on fire.
I’ve drowned in passion, for you.
What is it that you do?
I can’t pinpoint the moment my fingertips have found their path to yours.
Moonriver was playing on the radio, beating flawlessly across of us, numbing my ears as my eyes got hooked to your lips .. how they slowly curved into a smirk.
Then I heard your voice, telling me my time was up, “that’s it” out of your lips was too hard to resist.
I didn’t take any breath
I kissed you
And buried my face up in your neck
Tried to have my breath back, but there was your scent.
Mercilessly owning me,
Somehow air was such a pleasant endless pleasure.
Back to your lips again, I kissed you harder. This time I couldn’t stop, but my lungs failed me. My fingers slid up your lips. I wanted to kiss you with them, too, to feel you in every way possible. And God, I did, I didn’t know a kiss can be this overwhelming.
I pulled you closer, to make sure you were still there. I wanted you more.
You heard my whispers, “This is heaven”
I couldn’t set my mind on which part of you I get to call my own heaven.
You should know that
Heaven is levels, my love
Every level is more beautiful than the other
I find them all in you.

The next day I woke up with a hangover, I’d like to call that You.

Tell the world I’m yours
Tell them that my lips would never taste anything the same
That I want to kiss your lips and you again.
I’m yours
Every part
Every breath
And every contraction my heart exerts to write down this poem to you.
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