Water by Heba AlQattan

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She loved the water during the summer

She’d dance in it with her little brother

It’d cool her skin every year

As the sprinklers would shed away rainbow tears


She loved the water during the winter

She’d hold the snow between her fingers

It’d melt right away underneath her nails

Where there is water, there is peace when all else fails


She loved the water during the fall

The rivers were warm and welcoming for all

Cars would be hosed off with soap all around

Like crystal mountains that poured down to the ground


She loved the water during the spring

But what happened today, it was a funny thing

Patches of murky water, like cow print on the road

She was carrying a shopping cart, it was a heavy load


The wheels were wobbly, her senses quite scattered

Her eggs in the cart were all that mattered

She slipped on the water, but it was no laugh

Because a car came by and ran her in half


There she lay, gushing out red

With her groceries tipped over and covering her head

And the drivers drove away like nobody saw her

As her hair became wet with blood and water


It’s strange how something you love so dearly

Could end up killing you so severely

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