Water by Khawla

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He sat in the porch, observing a couple of swimming swans in lake Biennes. A very pleasant habit he had since his early childhood, to sit there and observe everything around. Sometimes his observations of the world saddened him, it’s not always pleasant what he sees. He sees murder, abuse and injustice, preformed by humans and on humans, to the planet, animals, and nations. With a flat tone, he said: “I’m not myself lately but that’s only normal since I’ve been trying to look at the good side of the world for most of the year it comes the time when I come face to face with the horror in the world, All that I’ve been looking the other way trying to ignore. It crushes me down,” He moved a bit to make place for his father to sit in, “but eventually you’ll find a reason in your grief, a reason to stand up again and do the right things. After all, you’re only good because others have been bad. You’re humane because others have been inhumane, and you’ll know yourself the hard way.” His father adds: “If you’re too small to the big matters of the human world that concern you. Why is sensible to you to overwhelm your heart and let it put you down. However, you’re not as small to the living things around you. The effect of your mere presence can be pretty huge to lives and the whole world. This, you can work on. “

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