Water by Shahd

Posted on March 3, 2015 by


Trying to hold you with my bare hands,
You vanish somehow into thin air…
I close my eyes,
I pray to God.
Clouds are crying,
Skies are so damn mad.
Shivering in the cold,
Crossing my arms,
Trying to touch me in the dark;
I can feel your warm breath resting on my neck,
Your soft hands surfing my arms…
What are you doing, I can barely stand!

I stare right through your dull eyes,
Grabbing you tightly with my claws…
Listening to our hearts fighting during nights,
You whisper to my ears, but I couldn’t understand…
My eyes awaken out of fear,
Escaping the nightmare, this isn’t real…
I can’t touch you, though you are near!
Slipping between my fingers,
Spreading everywhere,
Back and forth like a wave…
A splash,
A swash,
And once more everything is black.
Forcing me in, leaving me to drown…
I have no choice but to dive…
Your love is consuming, I am lost…
It is suffocating though I shall survive…
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