Seven Deadly Sins by Meera

Posted on October 12, 2015 by


We’ve been told “never play with fire; it’ll burn you”

But we’ve never been taught how to betray the cravings behind wanting to touch it!

How to flout the desire to touch the flaming fire

to cross our fingers through its light when we know

it will burn the tips of our acquitted fingers,

and still want it.

I was accused for being that kid who craved playing with fire.

And the only thing I was allowed to do is stare, from afar.

Not being able to get close, with my eyes glowing with firestorms of the face I lust.

The closer I got to it the more I felt the heat,

A step backwards

And three-forward

You make me want to sin.

Doing the forbidden, purely pleasing.

But there is some kid out there that see’s the fire clearly,

plays and turns it off for it to turn it on in a calmer blaze,

how I envy that kid.

For it gets burns while it savors the heat.

I’ve always been the kid accused with cravings

Lust for fire

Lust for things I desire.

Yet, I’ve also been accused for being the kid with pride

I lust your flames, lust your light tracing my words

But, what are flames when they turn into ashes.

I greed.

This kid is accused to greed ur fire.

All for it, and non for them.

Then pride burns the tip of my lips.

Leaving you for it,

For a kid I abhor.

You will always be the fire I lust,

and I will always be the kid that obeys its pride.