Seven Deadly Sins by Meshael Alblehed

Posted on October 12, 2015 by


I am currently suffering with my inability at balancing reality with what I want for myself in life. I don’t think my head is too far up in the clouds for it to come as a shock for me, yet I’m so disenchanted in the place I’m stuck in.
And I blame all those cliches for it because is it really all fair in love and war?
If my stars were lucky, I wouldn’t be caught in between the ocean and the storm without a shore. A storm in the making is anything but quiet.
Remember when you asked me to remember you if I ever found myself caught there?

How is refusing what you don’t want an act of pride? And if I swallow it, doesn’t that mean that it’ll permeate through my body?
Is fate really twisted or is it just predetermined in ways that I cannot reconcile with?

Pride comes before the fall and time is most definitely not a healer.