Sounds by Dana

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They don’t tell you this as they clamp your cord and expel you into garing awareness

Nor will it be the sort of thing you come to absorb like a dilute vitamin
Some things we don’t grow into
This is not skin tailored exact to fit when growing pains subside
Nor is it a rhythm that is yet to penetrate your bones
Lying in wait in your marrow, until the time comes for you to decide to live in sync with the Muzak that guides you towards some exit
The fact is misery is too easy to relive,
too warm a nook to slip into
To comfortable a habit to change
And joy, all elixir-like and aquamarine, snitches in at the waist and happiness is not a one size fits all
And what they don’t tell you on those charts where you will spent 19 years of your life asleep is that the rest of your time will be lived on a spectrum of panic
And in those small moments in between kneading your knees into submission and biting your tongue, a dumb silence stills every reverberating predatory impulse inside you
Observation fails you as you take your eyes off the prey that alarmingly resembles you
And escape the fact that you are the center of your every single experience
It is not about what’s there but what isn’t
They don’t tell you this but there are voids in you that no shape or form of silence can ever fill
And there is music to your every breath, a waltz to your jumping nerves
And that sometimes it’s too easy to fall into an abyss of quiet than look at your wounds
Perhaps it is a blessing that we haemorrhage as much as we do. That we demand attention as much as we do.
Perhaps it is a blessing that we chase and run behind every ephemeral fleeting affair that stabs us where we think it hurts until vanity drowns us in the beloved syrup of forgiveness
Perhaps it is a blessing that death is impartial and war spares no one and those wrinkles come like vultures and that nausea you so distrust, right there in your gut turns out to be the only campus when it gets that quiet
Perhaps it’s good that we can look up to the stars and wallow in the comfort of prayers when the silence is too hard to bear
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