Sounds by Dona

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You said “please”, don’t leave a trace, you anticipated me gone before I even came.

You push for silence, and you don’t know that your heart beats louder than anything.
It beats; slow, strong, independent and sad. Like a deja vu of a past life and you were already lost before it started.
Like a past life when we were together and whole, and you kept on running away, looking further, always looking past me.

My past lovers have all left me without a flinch, and so you kissed my skin and told me I was “Unbearably Light”, unbearably, achingly and eternally   Light.

Light as a feather, easily lost
was barely there
never left a trace
and definitely soundless.
Oh, I tried not to be fleeting, but you proved it with days, oh, how they fade.
How lingering at a memory becomes irrelevant and sad.

You are the melody of which I listen to when it’s too loud to cope.
I thought you’d keep on fading
Like rusted strings
Or a dull record
But I hold on to you, like an anchor;
In fear
In weakness
In all loss of hope

And I’m left with all this silence. Silence of chaos, of pain loudest than any heartbeat or broken spirits.
Lightness and silence, unbearably swirling, like the clock, in circles, it could mean everything and nothing, and you’re gone without a single sound.

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