Sounds by Mahnoor

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When I opened my eyes, I saw blue above me, all blue. I had to blink a few times to realise that it was sky. I sat up with a jerk and looked around me with confusion that a few moments ago I was in my bed, trying to sleep. I would have thought about sitting there in confusion thinking that what has happened, but the place around me looked like heaven. Which quickly distracted me. So I started to observe it. It was breathtaking. I was sitting on what looked like a field of wheat. The soil beneath me was wet and sticking to my pyjamas. There were different fields all around me, all properly separated with boundaries of bricks. There were mountains faraway, all green with lush grass, with cattle here and there. I could hear the sound of flowing waterfall nearby.

I was debating that I might have died when I saw a few kids running in the fields across me. They were looking at the sky and giggling. I followed their gaze and saw a kite floating away in the air. ‘May be they were allowed to have kites in heaven’. I cursed myself for thinking about such a lame thing. I thought about going after them. When I reached them, they had already gotten the kite and were trying to make it fly again. One of the girl looked at me smiling and her eyes shining bright.

“Where are we?” I asked her when I saw her approaching towards me.

“Gaza.” She said in a proud voice.

“I thought its heaven and we all are dead.” I said almost laughing.

“It’s heaven on earth.” There was an unknown spirit in her.  I pondered over what she has said. It surely was heaven on earth.

“What are you doing here?” She asked me, looking at my get-up.

“Ugh! I don’t know yet, I really don’t know how I came here and where to go now.” I shrugged my shoulders confusedly.

“Come with me to my house.” She held my hand and directed me to follow her.

She left the other kids behind, who were very busy with their kite to pay attention to either of us. She took steady steps on the boundary bricks, and was walking as if she owned the place.

The place was beyond beautiful. I met her mother who was an extremely generous woman. They made me sit on a bench outside of house. They both went inside to bring some food for me. The sound of chirping birds, swishing leaves and talking passer-by was music to my ears. I could hear the faint flow of water even here. There definitely was a big waterfall nearby.

That girl came out of her house with a basket full of fruits, smiling at me. I smiled back at her. Something made her scream suddenly. She threw the basket and was trying to runaway when, an ear deafening voice came from somewhere and she fell to the ground, lithering and bleeding. I screamed myself and looked at my right. A soldier was approaching towards her house, with others following him. The only thing understandable to me was to save myself and runaway, so I did. I kept running no matter what. I heard awe full exploding sounds, screaming people, crying children, but I didn’t stop. I ran up, on a mountain.

I don’t know how much I ran, but when I stopped, I felt my lungs were on fire and my own self was exploding. I turned around to look back at the place from where I came. I forgot how to breathe, and didn’t blink my eyes even. There were only ruins, only ruins. Houses were burnt to ashes; fields were turned into infertile deserts,  everyone dead and I could still hear exploding sounds. I thought about that beautiful place, kids, about that girl, I even didn’t get a chance to ask her name.

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