Sounds by Maian

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You’d think that the word sound would mostly evoke feelings related to music, melodies and sentimental lyrics. You’d think, sound is all about fairy-tale wedding bells, fancy orchestras and cheesy love songs that make you forget time and place.

At the same time, you may think that sound has no association at all. That it’s just this impartial thing that isn’t important enough to have an opinion about.

But what if sound isn’t the knight in shining armour – or as neutral as Switzerland?

What if sound isn’t the glamorous, beautiful or innocent thing it claims to be?

What if sound – no matter what form it takes – is rather annoying, disruptive, and even purely wicked?

Well, for a loner it certainly is.

Because a loner enjoys solitude and celebrates seclusion. A loner doesn’t welcome change or rejoice in the feeling of togetherness. A loner just simply and plainly wants to be alone. And that’s where sound comes into play and irritates him.

For a loner, sound isn’t necessarily the physical sound of something. It’s anything that threatens to disturb his running system. A system he worked so hard to establish. For him, sound is the annoying and evil stepsister who always overstays her welcome and is so hard to ignore. It’s a dominant power that doesn’t respect the loner’s privacy. It’s an institution that lacks structure and control – a total nightmare for the loner.

Because a loner cherishes loneliness and embraces silence.

After all, silence forms the kingdom of the loner. And that kingdom wants to remain at peace.

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