Sounds by Meshael

Posted on November 16, 2015 by


I’ve always felt cheated never living next to a body of water. The air here isn’t thick enough to justify the heaviness in my breath. I cannot flow like water, I cannot take shape of whatever contains me, instead I am ragged with my edges. I cannot retain anything of me once I change shape.

I live in a desert. Dry, harsh and desolate.

And there’s no sound. It’s just so constantly silent. Silent that it drives the wind insane with its howls. Is it my timidness? Being a conditioned female? That I can’t roar like the ocean? That I can’t muster up anything in me close enough to a current to keep me moving? To have no strength at all, not even to hold ground?

Constantly swept up by winds of hope and displaced to a somewhere even more dreary. Sand scattered all over. A nuisance to civilization, disinfected and wiped away three days a week.

Everytime I hear the wind I hope that maybe, maybe it’ll sweep me up farther and I’d land somehwere less barren.

For once, I’d like to be the wave instead of the wind taking pity and rippling through the sand to make it look like the ocean.

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