Sounds by Shahd

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Laughter on a dinner table, a family gathering; clouded with happiness and surrounded with love, secret eye contact and jokes all night long.

A peaceful life they had until that moment everything exploded. Grenades blew up the house, broke their windows and walls, leaving their doors open, unlocked for predators and strangers to join; they are not safe; they are insecure now.

Death changes us, make us lose our balance and live in the dark. It tear us apart and colours our present with black.

Death… steals our beloved ones, leaving us with the memories of their existence to cling on. It breaks our heart and rips our soul.

I’ve prayed to God five times a day, I bet more with no change; I still come home to an empty place, to a dull house craving her voice.
Her scent…
Her vitality in life.

My heart pumps snowflakes with sharp edges throughout my whole body while every breath I take feels like a venom spreading through my veins, burning me inside out.
A combination of ice and fire. I’m losing my mind.

No words can heal my pain, mend my wounds or bring you back again.
You’re a great loss I cannot replace,
you’re a great loss I silently grieve.

It was late July when my mother died,
I heard her last heart beat, it was our final goodbye.

God took her away within a blink of an eye,
I’m still trying to understand why.

I spend my days as if she were alive,
I do not shed my tears, I do not cry.
It’s been a torture for a while.

I was strong at first, it’s the feeling which made me survive,
I was wrong, I can see that now because it’s too late to fall on the ground, I’m up too high.

I wish you were here to comfort me, to hold me in your arms and tell me “It’s going to be alright”.

I miss you, mom, and I’m fighting not to break down.

In my prayers your are, every night till dawn; I repeat “In paradise we shall meet, in paradise I beg God”

You were inspiring then and your soul continues to be as if you were in our world still alive.

In my heart you’ll never die.

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