Still by Maian

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Life is full of obstacles, or so they say.


There are the expected ones.


Like starting a new job, moving to a new city, or trying to get along with your annoying neighbor.


And the unexpected ones.


Those that knock you out ice cold because you just weren’t prepared for them.


What do you do when your own high expectations constantly lead to disappointments?


What do you do when a loved one who was once so near and dear suddenly seems so distant?


Or what do you do when your life just didn’t turn out the way you’ve always pictured it?


Well, the answer is nothing. You do nothing. Just nothing.


Because you just come to the realization that whatever obstacles life throws at you – no matter how big or small – you do survive them.


After the storm has passed and the sky is clear again, you just discover that you’re still you. That you’re still there. And that you’re still as strong as ever. Maybe even more so. You just continue your life. The only difference is that you continue with a changed worldview, a less optimistic soul, and maybe even a broken heart.


But this is not the sad ending of an even sadder story. It’s the realization of the fact that we’re strong enough to take on any challenge that may come our way. And it’s the celebration of the idea that we’re more courageous than we think.


While this may seem obvious to some, experiencing this myself was quite a milestone and an achievement. Because realizing it made me finally overcome my biggest obstacle – fear.

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