Still by Meshael

Posted on December 24, 2015 by


A man once wrote that love comes at the price of the agony of its loss. It rang a truth that really made me wonder: Why do we keep diving in what will compound our very own agony? Doesn’t that go against every fundamental tenet of self-preservation?

Aren’t we already in over our heads with all the love we surround ourselves with? Why are we inclined towards adding more potential suffering by letting love in? Why can’t we realize our capacity for the loss of love and just stop there? Why do we impose so much on ourselves to bear? How are we considered more sophisticated than animals when we possess the most unrelenting urge for self-destruction?

What’s so inherently foreign to us in the act of bringing things to a standstill? If our thought process is superior then why don’t we just stop and think? Consumer culture of excess has seeped into our very emotions telling us more is always better. More love, more anguish, more frustration, more rage. More; more than we can handle. Why haven’t we learned emotional frugality if inertia is as much a concept of physics as motion?

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